Magnificient Mandala – FEB 18, 2021

ADYPU-School of Liberal Arts invites you for 1 hour of Enriching webinar on Magnificent Mandala.

Under this series, Professor Kedar Naik will be covering topics on Global order Post Pandemic & China’s rise and India’s Woes.

Students have a chance to understand the Significance of Global Politics and Impact of Global politics on Local Decisions.

The covid-19 pandemic has challenged the viability and legitimacy of this order like never before. It remains to be seen what comes out of this great churning. Will this pandemic accelerate the globalizing forces, or will it strengthen localism or regionalism? Is it a reflection of China’s rise or it is a wake-up call for declining American hegemony? Will the world be united to face increasingly global challenges like this pandemic itself or it will fragment under the hardships and constraints posed by adoption to climate change? This talk will focus on such issues, though we will be using the theoretical lenses of international relations it will not be singularly limited to any single perspective or theory.

Who should Attend it?

  1. Open to all students interested in World Politics.
  2. Students aspiring to specialize in Sociology, Economics and Political Science.
  3. Those who aspire to become changemakers.

Event Details:

Date: 18th February 2021

Time: 3.15 PM

Platform: Google Meet

Registration Link:

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