Learn the art of sketching

Learn the Art of Sketching

Design is one of the most important aspects of a student’s intellectual growth and now that they are gearing up for choosing their career, Sketching & Portfolio becomes the fundamental part to get into top Colleges in India as well as abroad.

Here is a chance where you can learn from the best and Experienced in the Industry.

Learn the art of sketching while giving you an open arena to Explore and learn to Love Drawing while broadening Creative ideation & Output.

In the current scenario having fun while you gain critical 21st Century skills should be the objective of your Activity.

Below mentioned is the objective of this Workshop

  • Help you to explore your Skills in Design & Sketching & will also help you to make better academic & career choices.
  • Understanding the discipline of Design.
  • Recognize and evaluate basic elements of design.

Click the link to register : https://forms.gle/KPBBR5KrM5EBeo7WA