Design Dialogue – Automobile Design – FEB 11, 2021

Automobile Design is the very pinnacle of design – all other design forms are a substrate. Chris Bangle, arguably one of the most influential auto designers of his generation, says, ‘Great cars are art.’

Automobiles are an embodiment of art, entertainment, and sculpture which coincidentally also happen to provide transportation. The design of an automobile is essential and is often decisive for its success. In addition to technical qualities, design triggers the impulse to buy.

ADYPU -School of Design invites you for a 60 Minute enriching Webinar on Automobile Design-The process, future and opportunities.

You will learn the insight of Automobile Industry and what the future holds for Automobile designers by an expert from the domain.

Event Details:

Date: 11th February
Time: 4 PM
Registration Link:

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