Inception of International Academic Council (IAC)

International Academic Council SOM

The world is a Global Village and Interconnectedness is the Key!

Striving for Internationalization of education with knowledge and student exchange programs, research and development, joint ventures to work on global issues, cultural and sports exchange experiences, and many other things, ADYPU proudly announces the inception of the International Academic Council (IAC) comprising 15 countries from across the globe.

To make our University a global name our honorable Vice-Chancellor Shri Hrridaysh Deshpande Sir has graciously accepted to be the chairman of this council. Under his leadership, we are sure to achieve greater heights for our University through IAC.

Representatives from each country are members of the council and we look forward to mutually beneficial and synergistic outcomes for each stakeholder of this council.

The formation of the council is possible because of the support of School of Management Head Dr. Makarand Joshi who is the Vice President of the council.

I seek the support of all School Heads and Heads of other University bodies to make this council a successful endeavor!

As the initiator and General Secretary of the council, I invite all HoDs to encourage their students and faculties to actively participate in IAC activities which are soon to be announced.