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We are in the middle of one of the greatest paradigm shifts in terms of how information is delivered and consumed. Like everything around us, the media landscape is also transforming at a rapid pace. These changes are creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities, thus giving rise to new models of media delivery.

Beyond the conventional fields of film and news, the world of film and media now entails a plethora of opportunities such as advertising, marketing, new media, television, social media, radio, news, publications, professional blogging, branding & strategy, documentaries, web shows, etc.


The television industry in India employs nearly 300,000 people every year?

This number is expected to grow to 640,000 by 2022

India sits comfortably at the convergence of technology and progress. The convergence is ringing in new opportunities in new domains. The booming world of new media, social media, OTT platforms has added a new dimension to how Indians consume media. Despite this, the sheen on traditional media such as newspapers, media portals, radio, etc. refuses to wear off. This is resulting in the creation of new jobs that are bridging the gap between these forms of media.

At ADYPU School of Film and Media, we give film and media aspirants a chance to realize their hopes, aspirations, and dreams. The school offers a mix of new and traditional programs in film and media that gives students a chance to explore a variety of new ideas and gain a wealth of technical knowledge, at the same time developing creative thinking. Explore our courses to see what fits you best, and get in touch with our counselors who can guide you further.

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