Shiba Prasad Mohanty

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 5 Years

Brief Profile : Prof Shiba Prasad Mohanty, specializing in Banking and Finance, brings extensive academic and research experience. Formerly a Research Associate at NISM, Mumbai, and IIM Ahmedabad, focusing on Public Policy, he’s now a Doctoral Fellow at Symbiosis International University, Pune. Renowned as the Bloomberg Champion, he trains faculty and students in Bloomberg usage. Beyond academia, his venturesome spirit extends to novel reading. He has presented research papers at prestigious institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur, and Hyderabad University, with his work published in respected journals including Springer Nature, Emerald, SAGE, and Taylor & Francis, primarily on shadow banking and its economic ramifications.

Key Publications : 1. Mohanty, S. P., Gopalkrishnan S & Saurabh K, (2023) “Shadow banking: Strategies Uncovered, Risks Mitigated and Lessons Learned for the Future”, FIIB Business Review, (Scopus, ABDC-C) 2. Mohanty, S. P., Mahendra A & Gopalkrishnan S, (2022), “Soar’ or ‘Sore’: Examining and Reflecting on Bank Performance during Global Financial Crisis: An Indian scenario”, International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, Vol.13, Issue-3, (Scopus & WOS) 3. Jena, S.K, Mohanty, S. P & Kumar M (2023), “25 Years of Online Video Streaming Research: A Bibliometric Analysis”, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, DOI: 10.1080/10509208.2023.2234849 (Scopus) 4. Mohanty, S. P., Gopalkrishnan S & Mahendra A., (2021), “The intertwined relationship of shadow banking and commercial bank’s deposit growth: Evidence from India”, International Journal of Innovation Science, Vol-14, Issue-3/4, pp- 570-587 (Scopus, WOS) 5. Mahendra A., Mohanty, S. P., & Muthu S., V. (2020), “Financial Astrology and Behavioral Bias: Evidence from India”, Asia Pacific Financial Markets, Vol-28, Issue-1, pp- 3-17. (Scopus, ABDC-C)

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