Mahanaaz Irani

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 13 years

Industry Experience : 6+ years

Profile : Mahanaaz Irani is a passionate and proficient Trainer, Educator and has over 13 years of experience of teaching Design Foundation. A good scale of balance being an Educationalist, she is an avid writer, venturing in content writing. Prior to becoming a full time Design Educator, Mahanaaz was a successful banker with over 6 years of rich experience of working at National and International banks. Her Design Training and Passion for Design coupled with strong communication skills and an effervescent personality make it easy for her to connect with students, at the same time her strong commerce background makes her capable of understanding the Business Dynamics of running an Educational Institute or a Department. Travelling to know different cultures is a passion close to her heart.

Research Publications: 5

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