Alex Velasco

Designation : Associate Professor

Teaching Experience : 28 years

Industry Experience : 6 years

Profile : Prof Alex Velasco is an experienced product design instructor with over 20 years of experience. He imparts knowledge on new product development and design processes to both students and professionals.He was a program director at various educational institutions in the UK, Turkey, India, and Georgia. A pioneer in adopting the design thinking process, he passionately explores the application of creativity techniques, design methods, and innovation processes to develop new products, services, and systems.

Research Publication : 2008. The Effectiveness of a Multimedia DVD for Teaching Professional Rendering. Techniques to Design Students. End-of-project report. 2007. Assessing the Emerging Industrial Design Practitioner. DesignEd 2008, Hong Kong. 2001. The Overlook2008. A Thick Industrial Design Studio Curriculum. Paper presented at 24th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student, Atlanta, Georgia. ed Residents of the City. 1st International Symposium for Street Furniture, Istanbul. 1997. Industrial Design and Future Fantasy. Design History Society, Middlesex University, London. 1997. Industrial Design and Technological Futurism. Design History Society, Middlesex University, London. 1996. Design Ideologies and Developing Countries. Design Conference, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Key Publications : 2023. Design Thinking for Schools educational website.

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