Jayashree Mahale

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience:  10 Months

Brief: Jayashree Mahale is a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set, demonstrating expertise in programming languages, including Cloud Technology, Java, and Python. Her unwavering commitment to research is evident through her published works and active participation in conferences, showcasing a passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Armed with a Master of Technology degree from Sandip University, Nashik, she has solidified her position as an accomplished Assistant Professor, contributing significantly to the academic and research landscape. Her proficiency and dedication underscore her ability to bridge theory and practice in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Research Publications: 5

Key Publication: 1. Prof. Mr.Kanchan Mahajan1, Mr. Anil S. Manmothe2, Miss. Jayashree Mahale

3, Miss. bhagyashri Patil

4, Mr. Abhijeet patil5 Food Recommendation System Using Machine Learning,IRJET(2020) 2. A summary of Approaches for Automatic Passenger counting in bus services. 3. Dr.Dilip Raut,Ms.Jayashree Mahale,A comparative study of automatic vehicle identification between real and simulated videos using visual Features, ICETIES(2022). 4. Dr.Dilip Raut,Ms.Jayashree Mahale ,Exploration of Various Methodologies for Identification of Vehicles and Passengers In Public Transportation,isarc(2022).

5. Ms.Jayashree Mahale,Dr.Dilip Raut,Dr.Bholanath Roy.Book Chapter Publication in CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group. USA(2023).

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayashree-mahale-12a10118b