Hitansu Patnaik

Designation :  Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 4 Years

Brief Profile : Hitansu Patnaik is a multifaceted music composer, music arranger & producer, mixing engineer, sound designer, vocalist and creative educator with over nine years of experience in the music industry and TV commercials. He has collaborated with many international and independent artists, bands and production houses. His musical genre and style are more into world music, fusion, and deep/progressive house. He also loves to infuse Indian classical elements and vocals with electronic music and continually develops his style of Indian Classical-Electro music. Hitansu has been an educator for several renowned colleges in India for the last five years, conducting workshops and mentorship programs for industry professionals and music enthusiasts. He has educated more than 700 students and has been designing his curriculum to teach Electronic Music Production & Game Audio course modules. His teaching expertise inclines to practical, real-world scenarios and teaches students how to handle complicated scenarios while creating or mixing music. Hitansu’s expertise lies in the creative process of using technology with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of sound and music

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hitansupatnaik/

External Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caEVgCSkYts&t=807s&pp=ygURYmVsb25naW5nIG5hdCBnZW8%3D