Dr Uttam Anantrao Deshmukh

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience:  8+Years

Brief: With over eight years of invaluable experience, Dr. Uttam Deshmukh has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in mentoring MPhil, MCA, and BCA students, enabling them to develop courses of international standard, imparting knowledge across a diverse spectrum of subjects, and contributing to scholarly publications. His specialized expertise lies in the realm of computer science, particularly in the development of Decision Support Systems utilizing Fuzzy Logic. Proficient in DMDW, Java, and SQL, he passionately advocates for the realization of students’ full potential, providing unwavering support towards their academic and professional growth.

Research Publications: 8

Key Publications: 

1. Design and Implementation of an IoT-Based Crop Monitoring System

2. Intelligent Decision Support System In Crop Cultivation Some Successes And a Bright Future

3. Crop Cultivation Intelligent Decision Support Systems Using Fuzzy Logic

4. Decision Support System and Crop Cultivation Intelligence System: A Review

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-uttam-deshmukh-a91998294

External Links: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Uttam-Deshmukh