Dr Smita V Shahana

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 8 Years

Industry Experience: 4 Years

Brief: Dr. Smita V Shahana, an accomplished electronics and telecommunications M.Tech graduate, stands out for her exceptional prowess in pioneering research across the domains of electronics, telecommunications, and networking. With a foundation of four years in the industry, she adeptly harnesses her expertise to spearhead advancements in these critical sectors, demonstrating unwavering dedication to innovation and the relentless pursuit of technological progress.

Research Publications: 2

Key Publication: Ms.Smita Shahane1 , Prof. Rohini Pocchi2 (March 2022). Review On Design and Implementation of Adaptive Hierarchical Cluster based energy efficient leach Protocol Using Multihop in Wireless sensor network . In 2022 International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering

LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/in/smita-shahane-a4ab9820a/?utm_source=share&utm_campaign=share_via&utm_content=profile&utm_medium=android_app