Dr Nawneet Kumar Kurrey

Designation: Associate Professor

Teaching Experience: 4 Years

Brief: Dr Nawneet Kumar Kurrey, an accomplished cell biologist, possesses diverse expertise in molecular biology, cancer biology, genomics, drug discovery, and nutraceuticals. He is a valuable team player with excellent communication skills and is proficient in assay development and troubleshooting complex systems. With over sixteen years of experience in research, teaching, and training, He has made significant contributions to academic and government biotechnology R&D institutions, showcasing exceptional team management and collaboration skills.

Research Publications: 25

Key Publication: 
1. Nawneet K. Kurrey, Swati P. Jalgaonkar, Alok V. Joglekar, Avinash D. Ghanate,
Prasad D. Chaskar, Rahul Y. Doiphode, Sharmila A. Bapat. Snail and Slug mediate
radio- and chemo-resistance by antagonizing p53-mediated apoptosis and acquiring
a stem-like phenotype in ovarian cancer cells. Stem Cells, 2009 Sep; 27(9):2059-68.
ISSN:1066-5099; Impact Factor: 5.845; Total Citations: 710

2. Kurrey NK, Amit K, S.A.Bapat. Snail and Slug are major determinants of ovarian cancer invasiveness at the transcription level. Gynecologic Oncology. 2005 Apr; 97(1): 155-65. ISSN: 0090-8258; Impact Factor: 5.304; Total Citations: 353

3. Bapat SA, Mali AM*, Koppikar CB and Kurrey NK* – Stem and progenitor–like cells contribute to the aggressive behavior of human epithelial ovarian cancer. Cancer
Research; 2005; Apr 15; 65(8): 3025-9. ISSN:0099-7013; Impact Factor: 13.312; Total Citations: 953 (* Equal contribution)

4. J. Anu Bhushani, Nawneet Kumar Kurrey, C. Anandharamakrishnan. Nanoencapsulation of green tea catechins by electrospraying and its effect on controlled release and in-vitro permeability. Journal of Food Engineering; 2017; 199, 82-92. ISSN: 0260-8774; Impact Factor: 6.203; Total Citations: 116

5. Ravi Hindupur, Kurrey Nawneet, Yuki Manabe, Tatsuya Sugawara, Vallikannan Baskaran. Polymeric chitosan-glycolipid nanocarriers for effective delivery of marine carotenoid fucoxanthin for induction of apoptosis in human colon cancer cells (Caco-2 cells). Materials Science & Engineering C; 2018 Oct 1; 91:785-795.; ISSN: 0928-4931; Impact Factor: 8.457: Total Citations: 44

6. Mahadevaiah*, Nawneet K. Kurrey*, Gowtham G.K. & Somshekar R. Laser Ablation Synthesized Nanoparticles and Animal Cell Lines Studies. Journal of Biosciences. 2019; 44; 135. (* Equal contribution). ISSN: 0250-5991; Impact factor: 2.795

7. Lohith Kunyeit, Nawneet K Kurrey, Anu K.A., and Reeta Rao. Probiotic yeasts inhibit virulence of Non-albicans Candida species. mBio. 2019; Oct15;10(5); Impact factor 7.786. ISSN: 2150-7511; Total Citations: 47

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