Dr Kapil Dongargaonkar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 10 Years

Industry Experience : 6 Years

Brief Profile : Dr Kapil V Dongargaonkar stands out as a seasoned professional trainer with an extensive sixteen-year track record encompassing Training, Research, and Academia. Demonstrating unwavering commitment, he consistently delivers punctual and impactful training outcomes, providing insightful reports on training initiatives and actively contributing to profit and business growth objectives. He specializes in navigating dynamic environments, showcasing proficiency in driving top-line and bottom-line growth through strategic turnaround efforts. His skill set includes adeptly setting priorities, establishing effective work schedules, closely monitoring progress toward goals, and efficiently managing employee details, data, information, and activities.

Research Publications : 18

Key Publications : 4

External Link : https://orcid.org/0009-0001-6031-7523