Dr Ashwini Sovani

Designation :  Professor

Teaching Experience : 22 Years

Industry Experience : 8 Years

Brief Profile : 

Dr Ashwini Sovani is a highly accomplished educationist, trainer, consultant, and influential blogger holding a leadership position in higher education. She has exceptional communication and team-building skills and a strategic vision for managing expansive university setups. She was recognized as a Group Study Exchange Scholar by Rotary International and has received the prestigious Best Faculty for Institution Building award from the IBS Alumni Association. As an adept Business Development Consultant in the Education Management Industry, she brings a wealth of experience. She is proficient in negotiation, opportunity identification, market research, business development, and training and has solid administrative capabilities to effectively lead and manage large teams.

Research Publications : 20

Key Publications : 1. Innovation-Business Models and Strategies

2. Corn Club : The Strategic Way Ahead

4. Customer Satisfaction and Organised Retail Profitability: Complement or Contrast

LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-ashwini-sovani-228bb29/