Ashvini Purushottum Desai

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 4+ Years

Industry Experience: 1 Year

Brief: With a wealth of seven years in the professional realm, Ashivini Desai stands as an accomplished figure in the field of Aerospace Engineering education. Her multifaceted experience encompasses teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, where she has expertly handled subjects ranging from gas dynamics and propulsion to UAV systems and experimental aerodynamics. Proficient in utilizing computer-aided simulation tools like ANSYS and overseeing propulsion labs, she goes beyond the conventional classroom setting. She actively contributes to her professional development through participation in self-improvement initiatives and organizational enhancement programs, exemplified by her engagement in Faculty Development Programs and conferences. Her dynamic approach reflects a commitment to both academic excellence and continuous personal and professional growth in the field of Aerospace engineering.

Research Publication: 1

Key Publications:
AIP Conference Proceedings 2766, 020020 (2023)

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