Innovation Cell (EIC)

Spark Your
Entrepreneurial Dreams


The Entrepreneurship Innovation Cell (EIC) stands as a dynamic platform dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our student community. With a firm commitment to encouraging innovation and business acumen, the EIC serves as a catalyst for budding entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities needed to transform their visionary ideas into thriving ventures.

At EIC, students are not only encouraged to think outside the box but they are also equipped with the tools and knowledge essential for navigating the complexities of the entrepreneurial landscape. Through a diverse array of workshops, seminars, and networking events, students gain invaluable insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, from ideation and business planning to funding strategies and market entry.


Empowering Entrepreneurs at EIC

Discover your entrepreneurial potential at EIC, where innovative thinking meets practical skill-building for navigating the dynamic world of entrepreneurship through:

  • Encourage students to think outside the box
  • Equipping students with essential tools and knowledge
  • Diverse Workshops, Seminars, and Networking Events
  • Insights into Ideation, Business Planning, Funding Strategies, and Market Entry

The benefits of EIC extend far beyond the realm of theoretical learning. By actively participating in EIC initiatives, students have the opportunities to gain practical experience, develop critical problem-solving skills, and cultivate a robust professional network. Furthermore, EIC provides access to seed funding, incubation facilities, and exposure to industry experts, setting the stage for students to turn their innovative concepts into viable, market-ready enterprises.

With EIC as a driving force, Ajeenkya D Y Patil University empowers its students to become visionary leaders and trailblazers in the world of entrepreneurship, ultimately contributing to economic growth and societal progress.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Excellence:
The EIC Advantage

Experience the transformative power of EIC where students gain practical skills, build networks, and access resources to turn innovative concepts into real-world ventures, fostering visionary leadership and driving societal progress following;

  • Practical Experience and Skill Development
  • Problem-Solving Skills Enhancement
  • Building a Robust Professional Network
  • Access to Seed Funding and Incubation Facilities
  • Exposure to Industry Experts


Ignite an environment where productive and innovative entrepreneurship thrives, persists, and flourishes.


Promote ‘Ideation to Incubation’
Inspire an entrepreneurial mindset
Assist with seed funds, filing patents, venture formation
Ensure MVP to a sustainable launch
Deliver comprehensive training, consultancy, and Advisory support

A dedicated 2,500 square-foot space at EIC is exclusively designated for Invention, Innovation, and Incubation activities, equipped with:

Versatile meeting rooms
Office spaces
State-of-the-art maker labs

In-house EIC expertise in

  • Business Model Assessment
  • Go to Market Evaluation
  • Technology Transfer Support
  • Business Support Services
  • Intellectual Property Support Policy

Inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their business ideas into reality.

EIC offers more than just theory; it’s a hands-on experience. Students engage in practical learning, problem-solving, and network-building. With access to funding, incubation, and industry expertise, EIC empowers students to transform ideas into successful businesses.

We invite you to be a part of EIC.

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Sanjay Nibandhe

Dean EIC