Research Specializations

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. (Dr.) E B Khedkar Chairman
2 Prof. (Dr.) Omprakash Haldar Faculty Member
3 Prof. Amandeep Saini Faculty Member
4 Ms. Sahin Praveen Student Member – MBA 1st Yr.
5 Mr. Sahil Dhok Student Member – MBA 1st Yr.
6 Mr. Jayesh Choudhary Student Member –MBA 1st Yr.
7 Ms. Pradnya Shetsandi Student Member –MBA 1st Yr.
8 Prof. Charushila Gaikwad Member Secretory

ADYPU's Doctoral Excellence: The Ph.D. Edge

  • Personalized Attention with a Faculty Ratio of 1:1:
  • Tailored Research Exploration:
  • Cross-disciplinary and Cross-functional Pedagogy:
  • Exceptional Faculty Expertise:
  • Intellectually Stimulating Academic Culture:
  • Commitment to High-level Research Work:

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Our Mission

The mission of ADYPU’s School of Film and Media is to provide a dynamic and transformative educational experience that empowers students to become skilled, ethical, and visionary creators in the fields of film, media, and visual storytelling. We are committed to offering a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that combines artistic excellence with technological proficiency, nurturing a deep understanding of the craft. Our mission is to inspire and prepare students to become influential voices in the creative industry, fostering cultural diversity, social impact, and a global perspective. We aim to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, and art and technology while instilling a sense of responsibility and ethics in media practices. Our goal is to produce graduates who are well-equipped to push the boundaries of artistic expression and storytelling, shaping the future of cinema and media worldwide.


Dr Anand Khandwekar

Dr Biswajeet Champaty

Dr Mohammed Shabab

Dr. Susanta Das

Dr Sachin M. Rajas

Dr Vishal S. Shirsath

Dr Nawneet Kurrey

Dr Muthu SankarAathi

Dr P.G Sivagaminathan

Dr Ravi V Gandhi

Dr Esha Bansal

Dr Vijay Kulkarni

Dr Kirti Dang Longani

Dr Bina Sarkar

Dr Ashwini Sovani

Dr Sunny Thomas

Dr Ramratan V.Dhumal

Dr Nagesh Sawant

Dr Sunny Thomas

Dr Amit Jadhav

Dr Sameena Mir