Coursework Research Work Seminars and Workshops Progress Assessment
Customized for all academic disciplines Focuses on building a strong research foundation
Enhances understanding of research methodologies and tools
Encourages high-level of authentic research Formulates research objectives, design methodologies, collects and analyzes data, and draws meaningful conclusions Contributes to the existing research knowledge significantly
Addresses relevant research gaps
Regular events to present research findings Exchange ideas with peers
Share valuable feedback with expert faculties Collaborative learning culture
Scholars’ periodical progress with continuous evaluations Steady progress towards research goals
Feedback to help scholars overcome challenges
Research Facilities
Physical Infrastructure
Well-equipped Specialized Digital Collaborative Ample resources
and modern laboratories research centers and institutes libraries and onlinedatabases work spaces for interdisciplinary research projects for conducting fieldwork and data collection
Physical Infrastructure
Monetary aid to pursue full-time research Monthly stipend and a complete waiver of Ph.D. tuition fees
External Scholarships
Offered by government organizations, funding agencies, and research foundations Complete support in scholarship applications, documentation and academic guidance
Research Grants
Government and private funding agency research grants Latest news about current grants and preparation of research proposals
Industry Collaborations
Strong partnership with industry partners Research project opportunities by renowned industry names for additional financial support