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School of
Film and Media

Welcome to ADYPU’s School of Film and Media, a dynamic hub for aspiring media, communication, and film professionals. With our dedicated faculty and cutting-edge courses, we foster creativity and competence to prepare students for thriving careers in the ever-evolving media and film industries. In a rapidly changing landscape where media and communication are undergoing a paradigm shift, we equip our students to understand, adapt, and lead. Our curriculum integrates theory and practice, addressing the needs of the millennial generation. Explore our programs and join us in this exciting journey to navigate the evolving world of Media and Communication.

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School of Film & Media Core features

Interactive Media Innovation Hub

A vibrant platform for leading industry experts, researchers, and students to engage in lively discussions, share innovations, and explore emerging media trends.

Transdisciplinary Approach

Encouragement for students to explore connections between media, communication, and film with other fields, promoting a holistic and adaptable skill set.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities

Access to cutting-edge production facilities, studios, and equipment, providing students with a hands-on experience that mirrors real industry settings.

Experiential Learning

Opportunities for students to work on live projects, intern with renowned media organizations, and gain practical experience that enhances their employability.

Cultural Sensitivity

A focus on cultural diversity, enabling students to appreciate the role of culture in media and to create content that respects and reflects diverse perspectives.

Media Impact Research

Engagement in research that delves into the impact of media on society, exploring the ethical, social, and cultural dimensions of media and communication.


The School of Film and Media at ADYPU is dedicated to facilitating strong career prospects for its students in the dynamic media and film industries. We provide comprehensive placement assistance, connecting students with industry professionals, renowned media organizations, and film production companies. Our strategic partnerships and collaborations ensure that students have access to a broad network of potential employers. Through internships, live projects, and practical experience, our students are well-prepared to hit the ground running in their careers. We also place a strong emphasis on portfolio development and offer career guidance to equip our graduates with the skills and confidence needed to excel in job interviews and assessments. With a global perspective, a supportive alumni network, and a focus on experiential learning, the School of Film and Media prepares students for both national and international career opportunities, making it a launchpad for success in the world of media and film.

What are Alumni says

Dhwanil Gajjar

B.Des School of Design 2022-2023

ADYPU School of Design has nurtured our creativity and honed our design skills. The faculty members are highly experienced professionals who guide us through every step of the design process. The emphasis on practical projects and industry collaborations has enhanced our understanding of design principles and market trends. The design studios and workshops provide us with a conducive environment to explore our ideas and turn them into reality. ADYPU SOD has provided us with a platform to showcase our talent and has prepared us for success in the competitive design industry.

What are Alumni says

Sanjana Prakash

BBA Media & Communication School of Film & Media 2022-2023

The ADYPU School of Film and Media has been an incredible platform for us to pursue our passion for storytelling through various visual mediums. The faculty members are accomplished professionals who have extensive industry experience. They not only teach us the technical aspects of filmmaking but also guide us in exploring our unique creative expression. The state-of-the-art facilities including the film studio, editing suites, and sound design lab provide us with a comprehensive learning experience. ADYPU SOFM has empowered us to create impactful narratives that can inspire and entertain audiences.

What are Alumni says

Pranay Narang

B.Tech School of Engineering 2022-2023

The ADYPU School of Engineering has provided us with an exceptional learning experience. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable and supportive, always going above and beyond to ensure that we understand the concepts. The campus facilities are top-notch, and the practical labs give us hands-on experience in our chosen field. ADYPU SOE has truly helped us develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the engineering industry.

What are Alumni says

Gokul Menon

I would like to thank the Training and Placement cell of Ajeenkya D Y Patil University for helping me successfully get placed due to your constant efforts in bringing us opportunities from the industry. You have consistently supported us, boosting our morale and offering all the necessary help. I am grateful for being part of ADYPU, which has given me an excellent opportunity to work as a student placement coordinator.