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XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce

Program Highlights

ADYPU School of Film and Media’s BBA in Film & Media develops skills in analyzing cinema with a deep understanding of underlying theory and appreciation of the rich history of the world of cinema. Students will also be prepared to construct meaning from the moving image by the power of their critical writing skills, analytical thought, and comprehension.

The curriculum not only comprehensive knowledge of the history, theory, and practice of the world of cinema, but also helps students learn the various forms of films such as mainstream films, avant-garde, documentary, animated, and experimental film and media. Students gain a deep understanding of film and media and learn intrinsically about camera work, editing, and sound. Students are encouraged to develop independent thought and critical thinking through production-based assignments where they write, direct and edit their own work. The school also encourages several collaborative assignments to help students develop social and emotional quotients.

The rigorous nature of the course means that ADYPU School of Film and Media’s graduates are ready for entry-level jobs in the film industry, or work in fields like advertising, public relations, and other areas that draw upon their skills in visual studies, film language, and critical writing.

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