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XII'th in any discipline

Program Highlights

The program’s curriculum students engage with clay designs, design technologies, hands-on projects, etc., to get an integrated and demonstrated feel of the coursework. The program’s allied modules include a broad study of automobile engineering, materials science, market and trends analysis, marketing, design management, branding, economics, etc.

The course curriculum covers several modules that promote critical thinking and independent innovation in students. The curriculum is aimed at helping students turn their ideas into opportunities and explore the different models of business, strategies to promote and pitch the business, and manage the overall venture.

Students learn how to conduct market research and consumer surveys, perform data analysis, design products, brand building, and various independent entrepreneurial activities that will help them lead the business community in the future.

The course’s main aim is to empower students to lead their own independent ventures. Students completing this course can either pursue higher education in the form of MBA to develop advanced management and innovation skills or engage in their own enterprise. Students may also take on a traditional family-business and overhaul it to fit into the modern business environment.

The job segment for students with entrepreneurial and innovation skills is also flooded with opportunities in Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy, Branding, Business Management, Business Analysis, Product Designing, Advertising, Marketing Research, Market Survey and Analysis, Sales Management.

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