ADYPU - B. Tech Computer Engineering (Human-Computer Interaction)

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B.Tech Computer Engineering

Human Computer Interaction




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Ajeenkya DY Patil University’s School of Engineering is based on the vision to prepare better engineering graduates to meet the expectations of the industry. We believe this is engineering education for the 21st Century.


Ajeenkya DY Patil School of Engineering offers a unique Computer Engineering specialization in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This program concentrates on topics such as design thinking, user-centered design with an emphasis on novel interaction techniques, creativity, information visualization, tangible computing and rapid prototyping.

The program, created to address the rising demand of HCI engineers in the tech industry, is ideal for candidates with an interest in human psychology, design analysis, design processes, etc.

Through project-based learning and interaction with industry experts, the program seeks to integrate participatory learning approach for the course.

Students graduating in this specialization will have a deep understanding of how to think like a user to design for a user.


Students completing this program will have a deep understanding of how to design systems and products to serve the end-user in the best and easiest way possible. As more and more computer systems are implemented in every aspect of human lives, workers with HCI skills will play an important part in the design and implementation of these systems. Graduates will find opportunities to work as product designers and managers, UI/UX designers, HCI consultants, etc. As UI/UX developers, students will act as the interface between user-friendly graphic design and technical implementation. The Artificial Intelligence & Robotics industry has ample job prospects for interaction engineers/designers who can combine human psychology and technical knowledge to replicate user behaviour patterns, motions, reactions, etc.


Standards-based Curriculum Global curriculum for a modern and adaptive learning experience.
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Global Immersion Benefit from our global exchange partnerships with world-class institutions.
T-shaped Professional Become a T-shaped professional - experts in the chosen domain (T’s vertical stroke), who know how their discipline interacts with others (horizontal stroke).
Innovation-focussed Experience an academic environment that encourages critical thinking and innovative learning.
Creating Leaders Learn to think like a leader with our iLead workshops, programs, events, activities and specific courses.
Job-ready Graduation Be ready for the industry as soon as you graduate through a blend of global education and industry-partnered projects.
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Placement Assistance Our strong industry connect helps us leverage and provide ample opportunities for our students across various industries.

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