B.Tech Biomedical Engineering

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Apply engineering principles to
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XII'th Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths as subjects Students who have not chosen Maths as a subject in their XII'th will have to complete a bridge course in Maths at the university.

Program Highlights

The program integrates the fundamentals of biological sciences, engineering and medicine. The program aims to equip students with the skills required to innovate, design and manufacture biomedical devices and applications that transform healthcare. The integrated coursework covers intensive curriculum and lab work covering a range of modules in the general areas of biomechanics, biotechnology, biosensors, computational biology, biomedical imaging, robotics, mechanical design, etc.

Students completing this course will find a suitable occupation in the three primary industry verticals concerning this field such as medical imaging, medical devices, bio-instrumentation, software, orthopaedics, tissue and cell engineering, diagnostics, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, genomics, bioinformatics and more.

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