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XII'th in any discipline - Science / Arts / Commerce

Program Highlights

ADYPU School of Design’s Bachelor of Design program in Product Design is designed to help students realize their true creative potential by exploring ideas and developing design skills. The program gives students an in-depth knowledge of material and design across various domains.

The major part of the course work is a sequence of design studios. Students learn to work with form, color, and the meaning of form. Students are taught to use digital tools and aids such as Photoshop, Rhino, etc. for effective visualization. Students are introduced to methods of customer research that can be used to collect information from customers to support the different stages of the product development process.

The degree will open up both career opportunities in Program Highlights areas that range from industrial design to engineering design technology. The program effectively develops expertise in diverse areas associated with new product development which results in the student developing multiple competencies to deal with current or future careers in technical fields.

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