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XII'th in any discipline - Science / Arts / Commerce

Program Highlights

ADYPU School of Design’s Bachelor of Design program in Graphic Design provides students with a complete understanding of the design and visual communication methodology. The program lets students explore their full creative potential, tap into it, and create effective and impactful designs that inspire and influence.

The program curriculum covers a diverse range of courses such as design principles, visualization techniques, typography, publication design, user interface graphics, digital design methodology, color theory, advertising design, layout theory, design management, etc. Along with an in-depth understanding of graphic designing, the program also covers topics related to digital advertising, and film and media publication to help students gain an insight into the design’s practical applications and industry requirements.

At the end of the course, students will be able to successfully develop and design creatives that address interdisciplinary challenges. The course also equips students with the social, political, and cultural impacts of design and its general influence.

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