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For Students

Are you ready to turn your idea into something big? Join in to kick-start your idea

In the present days, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. Students need skills and experiences to help them stand out from the rest. Hence either you wish to start something your own enterprise or gain the critical employability skills, getting involved will put you on the path to success.

The ADYPU Incubator is meant to encourage student entrepreneurship with a practical, hands-on program that provides aspiring student entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to conceive a startup. There are:

For Students at Adypu Top University in Pune

If you are accepted into the program, you will be encouraged to think differently, work hard as a team, and pitch your project and your progress at the end of the program. The program is not for course credit, but we promise you it will be a rich and rewarding experience where you will come out with very practical skills.

Entry Level Program

This is an introductory program providing you with an entry into the world of startups. Through activity based challenges the program helps to develop your idea and evolve them into early-stage startup. The program runs for half a day each week over a five week period once in each semester.

You can register for the program even if you are with an idea or without an idea, with a team or all by yourself. You don’t need to have deep computing skills or knowledge about the startups or business. All you need is determination to succeed, creativity and unbounded passion.

Advanced Program at Adypu Top University in Pune