Welcome to the 2017 Innovative Entrepreneurship Summer School. During our 10 days summer school you will explore and experience the joy of creating unique solutions to market opportunities and turning these into a business plan. For successful completion you earn 6 transferrable ECTS credits. But most crucially you will have created and exploit innovative business ideas and market opportunities. We are looking for creative entrepreneurs willing to take risks in the market place. If you are creative, forward thinking, wanting to share a unique summer with other like-minded students then you should not miss this opportunity. No prior knowledge is required. All that is required is your passion and intellect.

The Innovative Entrepreneurship Summer School builds on two inter-related tracks. The first one revolves around innovation, and spurs you to build a mindset focusing on developing novel and unique approaches to market opportunities. The second track focuses on the entrepreneurial challenge to really exploit these market opportunities. The Summer School consequently provides you with the proper tools to develop a business idea into a fully fledged business plan, that could be successfully implemented into the global market afterwards.

If you have a creative mind and an interest in business practices, and more particularly in a hands-on entrepreneurial way, this Summer School is an ideal opportunity to help you develop or more deeply explore a business idea. You will meet like-minded students from across the globe, giving you access to a network of peers. You will be working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, whereby each team member takes up a role, tailored to his/her own personality and liking. In line with the practice of real life start-ups, the variety of tasks that come with launching a new product / service requires close collaboration and a clear division of tasks within a small team.

You will learn from renowned professors and passionate entrepreneurs who will provide you with personal guidance.

You will enjoy lectures and tutorials, group discussions, individual mentoring, and team exercises. Successful entrepreneurs will share and discuss their experiences throughout the whole program, allowing you to benefit from their experiences. You will get personal mentoring providing you with assistance in taking up the big challenge of developing your own product/ company. You will make new friends for life. You will create.

The Ajeenkya DY Patil University and Vesalius College will issue an official transcript with final grades.


The program is designed to provide you with the skill-set and the mind-set to create an innovative product and start your entrepreneurial journey. By attending this summer school you are provided with a road map to success and a transformational experience.

In the creative learning environment, you are provided with the background and tools necessary to create a sustainable and viable businesses. At the root of every great company is a problem that needs to be solved. You learn how to recognize this opportunity, identify a gap in the market and figure out how to exploit this market opportunity. The Summer School allows you to develop your business model and business plan targeted to succeeding in the real world.

The 10 days program builds up the necessary tools over a number of different phases. You will learn and experience new paths inside- and outside the class-room. The core program is organized around workshops. Your class-room experience is topped with company visits and other social activities.

First Phase: Introduction to Innovation

The first phase gives you a background to innovation studies. Particular attention is devoted to the changes in demographics, technological advancements, artificial intelligence and robotization. These might all provide opportunities for launching new products. It gives you a view on the current and future trends that will be shaping our society and thus your business

Second Phase: Introduction to Problem Identification

At the root of every great company is a problem that needs to be resolved. Newly-formed teams go through a workshop to develop an understanding of how to identify these problems, test hypotheses about them, and eventually build a unique solution that addresses the opportunity. You learn how to recognize an opportunity, identify if there is a gap in the market and figure out how to exploit this market opportunity.

Third Phase: Idea Selection

After generating a few ideas, your group sits together and starts a process of intensive brainstorming on the several initial ideas generated. After this session, your group selects the most attractive idea to develop further in detail.

Fourth Phase: Analysis of the Competitive Environment

In order to identify a unique selling proposition, you conduct an analysis of the competitive environment. This builds on a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and Porter’s 5 forces model to identify competitive market threats. This analysis will develop your strategic thinking and ensure that your idea is tailored to resolve in a gap in a competitive market.

Fifth Phase: Business Model and Secondary Market Research

You now develop a business model around your idea. Depending on the particular characteristics of the idea, several avenues to monetization can be identified. In order to draft the business model, you conduct secondary research allowing them to come up with measurable and feasible targets and benchmarks.

Sixth Phase: Business Case & Financing Opportunities

During this session, you develop a business model canvas. This tool allows businesses to focus on their main building blocks as well as aligning their activities and illustrating potential trade-offs. Based on the business canvas, you can then develop a more comprehensive business plan, incorporating a first financial draft. The role of Business Angels, Venture Capital, Private Equity and non-equity based financing are explained.

Seventh Phase: Pitch

As a result of, and based on all the previous activities, you draft a pitch. As a group of entrepreneurs, your group presents your idea and business model in front of a jury of entrepreneurs. This provides you with feedback on your progress, which you can then use to fine tune your final business plan.


  • Turn an idea into a start-up– identify & capture new opportunities, prepare a business model and pitch your ideas and business model to a group of experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Strongly enhance your personal and professional development.
  • Life skills - being independent, dealing with different people and situations, time-management, working in teams.
  • Communication skills - speaking, listening, writing and presenting.
  • Experience - entrepreneurial environment.


Language of Instruction: English
Duration: Two weeks
Start Date: July 16, 2018
Credits: 6
Number of Participants: Maximum 30. Minimum 15
Eligibility: Any university-enrolled student is eligible for this summer school. You could be a student of any discipline for example, Design, Media, Business, Engineering, Architecture, etc. Exceptional High School students can also join the course.
Fees: Euro 1600 (Transport to and from Belgium organised at your own expense).

The Ajeenkya DY Patil University has established a Center for Advanced Learning (CALS) at Antwerp, Belgium. The Center offers a range of specialist courses and programs covering a broad spectrum of topics. The purpose of CALS is to bring talented students and international faculty from different parts of the world to spend an academically invigorating period in the heart of Europe.

Europe is a continent of great diversity and culture and Belgium is in the center of it. The culturally charged environment combined with outstanding course content is a recipe for great learning and enlightenment. The participants of CALS programs stand to expand their horizons and open up their minds academically and culturally to meet the challenges of today’s world.


Vesalius College is the oldest US-style Liberal Arts College in the BeNeLux and an English-speaking Global Affairs school for undergraduate, graduate and executive studies, affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Founded in 1987 by Boston University and the VUB, Vesalius College strives to educate students through a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum and through a truly global perspective in the fields of Business Studies (‘Global Business and Entrepreneurship’), International Affairs, Communication Studies and International & European Law. Its strong transatlantic heritage continues to shape the College’s outlook and student body, with up to half of its students coming from North America and the other half from around the globe.

The College’s teaching faculty consists of highly committed and passionate professors and researchers, educated at the world’s leading universities. A cornerstone of the College’s education philosophy is ‘TPEL’ – Theory-guided, Practice-Embedded and Experiential Learning – bringing innovative teaching formats and experiential simulations to the class-room and linking theory with policy-making and practical business issues. In the field Social Entrepreneurship and Policy-Making, the College cooperates closely with the Global Economic Symposium (an off-shoot of the Davos World Economic Forum) with an annual interdisciplinary Honours Class on Global and Inter-generational approaches to Contemporary Challenges (recent projects included the design and development of an interactive website and telephone app for refugees presented to policy-makers and business leaders at the Global Economic Symposium in Kiel, Germany) In 2013, the College’s Capstone Course won the LISBOAN Award for innovative teaching, awarded by a Consortium of 64 leading European universities and funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

In the past, joint conferences and workshops were co-organized by Vesalius College and Cambridge University, the London School of Economics, King’s College London and Georgetown University. The College encourages amongst its international student body a strong commitment to leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, social justice and an ethical perspective on global politics, law, economics and communication issues. With over 60 nationalities of its 350 students, the College is a highly diverse and international educational institution and was ranked among the top 10 performers in internationalization by the Multi-Rank ranking of 2015.


Ajeenkya DY Patil University, India aims to contribute to the creation of Innovation oriented society by focusing on academic excellence in teaching, research and quality of service. Our purpose is to help transform individuals into the thinkers, dreamers and innovators of tomorrow and is proud to call itself an Innovation University

The University offers a comprehensive, future-oriented curriculum based around international standards. The curriculum enables aspiring professionals to go out into the working world with competence, maturity and the ability to operate independently.

Our programs are highly experiential, hands-on programs with a unique learning experience to explore new ways of generating cutting-edge solutions. The emphasis at ADYPU is always on creating an exciting and charged environment, where a mix of youthful vibrancy with experience & maturity, global viewpoint with local reality, emerging technology with traditional wisdom, and existing knowledge with rebellion and constant questioning will lead to an exciting journey throughout the programs.