Scholarship Program

The Ajeenkya DY Patil University has declared a landmark “Pushpalata DY Patil Scholarship Program” to offer scholarships to meritorious and needy students. The scholarship program will offer University education at a token fee of Re 1. This Program will help deserving students meet the financial obligations of pursuing higher education.

Scholarships Awarded at The DY Patil Knowledge City, Pune for the Year 2015

  • DY Patil School of Engineering – Rs 18,89,380 (Eighteen Lac Eighty nine thousand three hundred and eighty rupees only)
  • DY Patil School of Engineering(Polytechnic) – Rs 1,77,075 (One Lac Seventy seven thousand and seventy five rupees only)
  • DY Patil School of Engineering and Technology – Rs, 1,44,835 (one lac forty four thousand eight hundred and thirty five rupees only)
  • DY Patil School of Management – Rs 1,32,070 (one Lac thirty two thousand and seventy rupees only)
  • DY Patil School of MCA – Rs 3,45,511 (Three Lac forty five thousand five hundred and eleven rupees only)
  • DY Patil International School, Pune – 10,85,340/- (Ten Lac Eighty five Thousand Three hundred and forty rupees only)
  • D Y Patil School of Hotel Management- 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand rupees only)

Total = Rs. 37,94,211

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