MBA in Business Innovation & Strategy

Duration : 2 years

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline

This is a course for those who want a career in new and innovative media. This is your future, if you love media, technology and business. If you wish to create cutting-edge media products or lead in the media industry by your creative and out-of-the-box ideas, or plan to start your own media venture, this course is ideal for you.

The Business Innovation & Strategy course is an interdisciplinary approach aiming to exploit the immense potential arising out of converging domain of media and technology. It combines business innovation and communications to help create successful media products and services with strategic business models. The focus of the entire program is to enable you to design media products that engage the uses in new ways, are purposeful and hence profitable. The media products could span the web, apps, games, TV, communication, film or any other creative media.

A media product is simply not a creative idea. It is an amalgam of thinking and doing. The program will teach new ways of thinking, developing ideas and concepts that strategically cut across media platforms, and building prototypes. It will provide you the necessary skills for doing what you think. With a mix of theory and practical experience, necessary skills and attitudes the program will prepare to excel in the ever-evolving world of digitalization and innovation.

The program engine is Design Thinking. Design thinking is a creative problem solving process that encourages divergent thinking and inculcates possibility mindset. It helps students to collaborate, perform and create. It is a structured approach traversing through five phases — discovery, ideation, interpretation, experimentation and evolution.

The inclusion of design thinking emphasizes making, design, and tinkering. Design thinking is an enabling approach to achieve head and hand integration by encouraging a do-it-together mentality and helping students to think critically about the design of objects, ideas, and systems.

Students engage with design thinking principles across the curriculum within the project based learning context where they use creativity, analytical skills, and teamwork to solve real-world problems.

Join the program and help chart the future of media communication.

  • The Program

    The program is designed to hone your analytical skills, instill in you the design thinking approach and go the depths of media communication instead of just scratching its surface. The eventual aim is to help you convert your insights in to ideas and ideas in to marketable and successful end media products

    You will be imparted the necessary knowledge about media policy, laws and economics along with an overview of globalized and convergent media industry. You will learn about business models, media technology and will be taught a strong suite of user research and market research techniques. You will learn to identify trends and new opportunities and thereafter draw insights.

    In this program you will learn how to articulate business strategy, manage innovation workflow for development of products or services, map, refresh and imagine compelling customer experiences. Processes and skills for brainstorming, ideas will be thoroughly imparted and used throughout the program.

    You will be regularly engaged in presentations, group discussions, seminars, workshops, individual and group projects. Your final year project will be focused on the ultimate aim; to have an original idea delivered with an engaging prototype along with a business and marketing plan.

  • Careers

    By the time you complete this program you will be able to develop strategies, implement innovation workflow in an organization, understand business operations, analyze trends, and recognize the future indications of a business practice. You will be adept at imagining and delivering products and services, creating new channels of media distribution and managing content workflows.

    At the end of program you will start your own venture or work in a media organization such as advertising, films, TV, e-commerce, digital agency, mobile app development companies, software companies. You will find challenging opportunities with companies leveraging digital media for internal and external stakeholder engagement. You will find occupation as an innovation manager, digital strategist, brand manager, creative consultant, content manager, experience designer, project manager, customer engagement manager and many more such positions.