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Womanhood: A celebration for life

Published on: 08th March, 2018

It’s Women’s Day today. While it may be just a single day that we choose to celebrate womanhood with great fervour, what is more significant to observe is the increasing number of women who have achieved for themselves and the country over the last few years, something that we can celebrate every single day. The journey of women has only strengthened towards their desired dreams and goals.

Sports is probably the most popular sphere where Indian women have made us proud and have broken barriers in events that were earlier thought to be only a male domain. Just three days back, a 16-year old girl, Manu Bhaker from Haryana clinched a Gold Medal at the rifle shooting World Cup. Come to think of it, the only medals India won in the 2016 Olympics were bagged by women. Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Mary Kom, Sania Mirza and others are household names today. Interestingly, many of these women achievers in sports have come from states in India where the female to male gender ratio is probably the least, like Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, and Punjab.

Women have been breaking ground in other male-dominated spheres too, especially science and technology. It was after all a female, Ada Lovelace, who first recognized the full potential of a ‘computing machine’, although many may have forgotten her, she was the woman who perhaps defined the digital age. In India, Anandi Gopal Joshi was the first Indian female physician back in 1886. Dr. Aditi Pant, a well-known oceanographer was the first Indian woman to have visited Antarctica back in 1983. Dr. Indira Hinduja delivered India’s first test tube baby. And very recently, Dr. Tessy Thomas became India’s first woman to head a missile project. She’s aptly called the ‘missile woman’ of India. All these women and many more constitute a list of highly inspiring firsts!

The future only bodes well with women recognizing the need to upskill themselves with future-relevant skills for tomorrow’s new roles. With technology being the strategic core of many businesses today and serving a level playing field for all, women are marching ahead with skills in digital technologies, digital strategies, data sciences, and leading change & innovation to count a few. With a futuristic vision in my mind, I must say that while we need to celebrate Women’s Day today, we must celebrate women and womanhood every day of our lives.

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